$zBTC is one of the ZPL-Assets empowered by Zeus Network's Zeus Program Library (ZPL), it is competitively designed to provide unparalleled seamlessness and cost efficiency in transferring values between Bitcoin and Solana.

$zBTC represents a revolutionary solution catering to Bitcoin holders and developers seeking to engage with smart contracts on Solana.

Key features of $zBTC include

  • Permissionless and Uncensored: Participation and interaction with $zBTC are open to all, devoid of any centralized entity exercising custody over BTC.

  • 1:1 Price Pegged: Maintains a constant exchange ratio of 1:1 with BTC on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring seamless interoperability.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Opportunity to participate in DeFi strategies and leverage Bitcoin assets for potential earnings.

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