SPV, UTXO Management and Tx Proposing

Explore the core of the system: the 2WP program, divided into two modules for computation and state management.

The computation module houses Stateless components like Simple Payment Verification (SPV), batch processing for fee optimization, and circulation control for $zBTC minting and burning.

The State Management module oversees Stateful elements like UTXO and Transaction Management for Bitcoin and Solana, along with Proof Management for signature validation.

Implementing SPV on both sides seems possible, but challenges arise in verifying Solana transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. To address this, considerations include a staking and slashing mechanism within Zeus Layer to deter attacks, with fraudulent Bitcoin transactions serving as proof.

Proof-of-Deposit and Proof-of-Withdrawal use Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) to verify and store transactions on-chain, offering flexibility for DeFi platform design, employing Proof of Deposit (UTXO) and Proof of Burn (Solana).

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