$zBTC: Trustless 2-Way Peg

$zBTC is a ZPL-Asset on Solana pegged one-to-one with Bitcoin, secured by a trustless 2-Way Peg (2WP). Our technical approach involves a sidechain using Simple Payment Verification (SPV) and a decentralized group via Zeus Network's consensus.

SPV is used within the sidechain, where verifiers and a decentralized group form a multi-signature consortium to validate transactions for asset locking and unlocking. The SPV implementation on Solana Virtual Machine is explained in detail.

A comparison between federated and decentralized notary systems reveals the latter's lack of staking prerequisites, advocating for Zeus's shift towards a permissionless and decentralized model.

Zeus Layer ensures the security of APOLLO's 2WP, covering transaction signing for both 2WP and DeFi liquidity management.

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